12 more European city breaks

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This is a list of 12 more European city breaks. It continues the previous list of 10 European city breaks.

The list is purely alphabetical, and you will guaranteed find something to preoccupy you with on your short vacation, be it two or three days. The numbering is a continuation of the first list, “10 European city breaks”. (2018 update: Another 10 European city breaks have been presented, bringing the total up to 32 cities.)


England - Manchester - Old Trafford11. Manchester (UK)

A football weekend and little else to see in the city with the famous “Theatre of Dreams”.



Italy - Milano - Pinacoteca di Brera12. Milano (Milan) (Italy)

Following a successful excursion to Lake Como and Crespi d’Adda, the capital of northern Italy was coming up. A modern city with fashion design and big business. Yet a city full of history, colourful pedestrian streets, a beautiful park, a fantastic cathedral and a dramatic football match with AC Milan.


Russia - Moscow - Red Square

The Red Square in Moscow


13. Moscow (Russia)

My suggestions are presented in three articles:

(1) We had some very interesting and pleasant days in Moscow. That city has certainly more to offer than we imagined.

(2) An excursion to a wonderful city in the Golden Ring and an evening in Moscow.

(3) A cruise on the Moskva River, the Gorky Park, the Kremlin and the departure for Siberia.




Cyprus - Nicosia (north)14. Nicosia (Cyprus)

North and south: On our daytrip into northern Cyprus we left Salamis on the east coast for a long drive across the flat plain into the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. This is a divided city, bearing the unmistakingly signs of war.


France - Paris - Jardin des Tuileries

Paris – Jardin des Tuileries


15. Paris (France)

My suggestions are presented in two articles:

(1) My first day in Paris was about revisiting almost all the familiar sights, but also spending some time at places I had not seen before.

(2) My day 2 in Paris actually includes part of a day 3 as well. But who cares? The first half or more of the day I spent doing what the first time visitor to Paris easily skips. The rest of the day and the next day I jumped right back into the beaten tourist track again.


Portugal - Porto - Gaia16. Porto (Portugal)

A calm forest retreat and two more amazing World Heritage Sites in Northern Portugal are the ingredients in this last chapter from our road trip.



Czech Republic - Praha17. Praha (Prague) (Czech Rep.)

The Czech capital is the world’s most beautiful city. This was my second trip, a weekend, and what comes here is my highly recommended walking tour.



Latvia - Riga18. Riga (Latvia)

Riga has been exploding as a tourist destination for the last decade, at least for us Norwegians. Female parties are flocking to Riga for weekend wining, dining, shopping, and spa.



Spain - Andalucia - Sevilla - Parque de Maria Luisa - Plaza de Espana19. Seville (Spain)

Previously and today one of the world’s most important cities. It is amazing what this city has to offer its visitors.



Estonia - Tallinn20. Tallinn (Estonia)

I have found a new contender on the list of the world’s most beautiful cities. Prague has held the number one title for years, but Tallinn has become a fierce rival.



Lithuania - Vilnius - St. Peter and St. Paul's Church21. Vilnius (Lithuania)

The capital of Lithuania is an easy-going city with a pleasant old centre highly acclaimed by the World Heritage Committee, and with a not so rebellious free republic within its borders.



Poland - Warsaw (Warszawa) - The Nicolaus Copernicus Monument22. Warsaw (Poland)

A couple of days in the Polish capital: Warsaw is a large European capital with a population of a couple million depending on how you define its limits. Unless you have come to live here, most of the sights are within walking distance.



The map of European city breaks

You have just read the second article with 12 European city breaks. Read about the first 10 cities. (2018 update: Another 10 European city breaks have been presented, bringing the total up to 32 cities.) Here is a map of all city breaks mentioned in my articles. Numbers on the map correspond to numbers in all three the articles.