Heritage Sites in Norway

The Norwegian fjords are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The list includes seven other properties as well. Explore all heritage sites in Norway in this article.

Norwegian sites on the List

There are more than a thousand cultural and natural properties on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Read about them on the main page. Amongst the others, there are eight from Norway.

In the bullet summary below all hyperlinks lead to UNESCO. Roll down this page for links to Sandalsand’s articles. I have been to the seven marked bold in the bullet lists.

This page is part of a collection from Norway, with photos and videos from road trips, hikes and visits to towns and places all over the country. You will also find World Heritage Sites and some very special articles.


Cultural sites


Natural sites


Norwegian sites on the tentative list

UNESCO operates a second list as well, called the Tentative List. It consists of properties submitted by a country to the UNESCO committee for evaluation. The evaluation process may take years to finish, as indicated in the six Norwegian proposals below. (Links lead to UNESCO.)


Visited sites

All sections from Norway


Road trips






Heritage Sites

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