The Jotunheimen hikes – Glitterheim to Spiterstulen

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Join me on a hike from Glitterheim to Spiterstulen in Jotunheimen. Yesterday had been a long hike from Gjendesheim and we saw no reason to conquer the Glittertind peak today. Therefore we took the route over Skautflye.


This article was first published in Norwegian on Sandalsand Norge.


What to discover

There are two main routes between the mountain lodges of Glitterheim and Spiterstulen and many choose the option to ascend the nation’s second highest mountain – Glittertind.

Here is a map with all Jotunheimen hikes. This particular hike (marked dark green) is estimated to about 16 kms and is estimated to 5 hours.



The start of the hike

Our route follows the river up the Veodalen valley and crosses the Steinbuelve river immediately upon leaving the mountain lodge. From here we followed the mountainside west in a comparatively leisurely terrain.


The middle section

Then we climb steeply up the Veslglupen before we emerge in an open landscape and cross the flat terrain called Skautflye. It goes gently downhill until we cross the stream called Skauta. Here one has to either wade or jump from rock to rock depending on the water level.

There are large amounts of stones on the entire ground up here, demanding cautiousness. Height differences are not very big on this hike. Glitterheim is approximately at 1,390 m. and Spiterstulen at 1,106. The highest point on the route is just over 1,500 metres.


The final part

Now you will soon meet a signpost pointing out the route towards Glittertind. The two trails join on the next leg towards the upper edge of the Visdalen valley. The last part of the hike is steep down and then diagonally towards the Spiterstulen mountain lodge.

Reaching it you should treat yourself to a shower and a bath in the swimming pool. It is wonderful to be here and to glaze up towards Galdhøpiggen through panoramic windows. We were heading there, to Norway’s highest peak, the next day.



Read about Spiterstulen and Glitterheim on Ut.

This is the description of a 6-day round trip from lodge to lodge in beautiful Jotunheimen in the late summer of 1989. Due to the tour’s age it was never meant for publication. However, the round trip was so perfect (“Jotunheimen in a nutshell”) that I included it anyway. I think neither text or images, let alone the basic experience will be significantly different today.

The map in the beginning of this article shows the route we followed and lodges we visited or stayed at. The boat ride from Gjendebu to Memurubu is not shown. We stayed at all marked lodges except Memurubu. Almost the entire round trip runs within the borders of the Jotunheimen National Park.


All legs are described in separate articles. This is the list:

1: Gjendesheim to Glitterheim over Hestlægerhøe

2: Glitterheim to Spiterstulen over Skautflye

3: Spiterstulen to Galdhøpiggen and back

4: Spiterstulen to Leirvassbu

5: Leirvassbu to Gjendebu

6: Gjendebu to Memurubu by boat plus hike Besseggen to Gjendesheim


See photos from this particular hike below. Click for a larger size.