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What is secure and lean? The connected world has become a more dangerous place to live. I’m not talking about security as such although some might include that as well. I’m pointing to the fact that communication over the Internet has become more and more vulnerable. 

Why am I doing this?

Hacking is a well known threat. Interception of communications between computers and other electronic devices has become easier. We are leaving more and more traces on the paths we follow during our browsing and other behaviour on the web. For instance, online shopping involves the transfer of sensitive information which might be exploited for criminal purposes. 

Google and others have over the last couple of years been promoting the transfer of online communication between a website and its users into an encrypted environment. SSL – secure sockets layer – is designed make this digital world a safer place. For all. 

What have I done?

Sandalsand is not a commercial website, but still there has been a growing need to move over to an SSL environment. I do not want my site to be labelled insecure by the search engines. Over the last few days I have made one important change: 

The prefix of my web address is now HTTPS instead of only HTTP. The extra S means secure. A padlock in the address bar is the indicator.

Second, as the world of the Internet evolved after the mid-1990s we grew accustomed to using WWW (World Wide Web) in a web address – or URL as we call it. This is becoming obsolete. There is really no need to include the WWW in the URL and so I’m dropping it.

What used to be is now merely 

This means that the URL of this website has changed from http: // to https: //

It has become more secure and more lean. 

These same transitions applies to Sandalsand Norge – the Norwegian language subdomain as well. The URL is now https: //

What is left?

I have made my best to make this transition as smooth as possible, so that my readers can go about reading this valuable content as smoothly as possible. The entire transition will take some time I suppose before I can call it a success. Have patience.

I have changed thousands of old links and employed support systems to fix the rest. Links from external websites and from the search engines will take some time to correct. I’m working hard to make the necessary tweaks and fixes to make it work. 

Read the privacy page.

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