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Watch a video from Flekkefjord, a small town marking the transition between the southern coastline of Norway, Sørlandet, and the western part of Vestlandet.

During the era of the sailing ships Flekkefjord offered a good and safe port for visiting ships from the Netherlands in the early 18th century. The export of paving stone was important. Later timber and fisheries became dominant industries, along with tanning. By the end of the “Age of Sail” Flekkefjord dwindled into oblivion as did so many white painted Norwegian coastal towns.

And that is why they are so fascinating to visit today. After watching the video from Flekkefjord, read about it. On the sister website, Sandalsand Norge, there are several more articles in Norwegian.

Audio: Elvira Nikolaisen – Love I Can’t Defend. (The artist is not exactly from Flekkefjord but not far away)

You will find a number of videos from Norway and other countries on Sandalsand’s YouTube channel. As you can see from the link above, that’s where the original videos are. In addition they all appear in separate articles on this website. Find all videos from Norway.

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