VIDEO – Norway – Urnes stave church

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Watch a video from Urnes stave church. It is number 58 on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and dates from the first half of the 12th century.

The Urnes stave church is gloriously located by the Lustrafjord deep in the Sogn region of Western Norway. It dates back to the first half of the 12th century. The church is the oldest of the 28 remaining stave churches. The woodcarving works in particular are elaborate. The carvings are unique and have given the church the fame it deserves.

This video from Urnes stave church is part of a series from Norwegian stave churches. See the playlist on YouTube. After you have watched the video, or before, you can read about the visit and this World Heritage Site. In addition there is a thorough article about stave churches as such.

Audio: Medieval church music.

You will find a number of videos from Norway and other countries on Sandalsand’s YouTube channel. As you can see from the link above, that’s where the original videos are. In addition they all appear in separate articles on this website.