VIDEO – Portugal – Belém and Jerónimos

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This is a video from Belém and Jerónimos, two very important and popular attractions in Lisbon. They are also World Heritage Sites.

“Hieronymites and Tower of Belém” is a joint site inscribed as number 263 on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Portugal’s Age of Discovery, the country’s days of glory, sent many sailors off on voyages that would be both dangerous and rewarding. The Belém would be the starting point for many of them and the last sight of their homeland. This video offers a quick introduction to the tower and to the beautiful Jeronimos Monastery as well as the “Monument to the Discoveries”

Audio (1) “Sevenhundredbeats” by Duncan Beatty. The soundtrack is on a Creative Commons License, version CC BY 2.5.

Audio (2) “Quiet Rain” by Onlymeith. The soundtrack is on a Creative Commons License, version CC BY 3.0.

First, watch this video from Belém and Jerónimos, then read about the visit and the WHC Site.

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