Where to find good travel blogs (2012)?

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In the autumn of 2011 I published my selection of 23 good travel blogs. This year I present 30 more travel blogs I subscribe to.

I do believe many of the 23 + 30 blogs are featured on other “best of”-lists as well. Some of the bloggers are admittedly not very active, and may even be dead for all that I know. Others are extremely active. In combination they make very good reading.


A lament

Blogs in English by people with another mother tongue are missing.

The list of blogs I presented last year was heavy on Anglo-American content contributors; that is travel bloggers from the English speaking, largely Western hemisphere. Quite a large number were Canadian and even US. In addition the UK, South-Africa and New Zealand were represented on my list of 23 travel blogs.

I haven’t made a count of this year’s list but it seems to be the same.

Two questions arise:

Why? I really don’t know. The fact is that during the autumn of 2011 I came across very few travel bloggers who did not have English as their mother tongue. People like me in other words. It may be that they were blogging in Japanese, Swahili, German or Italian and thus avoided my filter. It may also be that these bloggers, for instance a French blogging in English, actually is a rare species.

So what? The simple answer is that I believe this makes my lists of blogs quite biased, culturally speaking.


My 2012 list

This year’s list does not rule out last year’s. It comes on top.

Like last year I started out commenting each blog. Unlike last year I dropped it and decided to leave the rest to the reader. The list is in alphabetical order.


  1. A Tramp Abroad
  2. Adventurous Kate
  3. Art of Backpacking
  4. Digital Nomad
  5. Don’t Ever Look Back (Discontinued in 2014)
  6. Elsewhere & Elsewhen
  7. Heather on her travels blog
  8. Le Monde – A Poetic Travail
  9. Let’s Go Get Lost (Discontinued in 2012)
  10. Living the Dream
  11. Man Vs Clock
  12. Never-Ending Footsteps
  13. Our Travel Lifestyle
  14. Over Yonderlust
  15. RamBLer WithOut BorDers
  16. Roughing It? (Discontinued in 2012)
  17. Stop Having a Boring Life
  18. The Longest Way Home
  19. The Road Forks (Discontinued in 2014)
  20. The Runaway Guide
  21. The Taste of Travel
  22. Too Many Adapters
  23. Travel Yourself
  24. Travels of Adam
  25. Twenty-Something Travel
  26. What’s Dave Doing?
  27. Where in the world are Steph & Martin? (Discontinued in 2010)
  28. Where is Maaret? (Discontinued in 2013)
  29. Wild Junket
  30. World Effect Blog

Let my add that I truly enjoy the collection of old film clips Michael Rogge posts on YouTube.

I published this blogroll in 2012. From 2013 my updated list of travel blogs I subscribe to was found on a Blogroll page. In 2017 all updates to the list were discontinued.