20 Ways to Slice Europe

Last updated Sep 23, 2020 | Published on Apr 10, 2014Special Articles, Travelling

What kind of prejudices do you think exist in, and about, Europe? How do you draw a map indicating the stereotypes? Well, a Bulgarian called Yanko Tsvetkov offers a fascinating answer to these questions. 

He has produced a couple of books called Atlas of Prejudice volumes 1 and 2 asserting that man’s first domesticated animal was not the dog, but the scapegoat – and that America was discovered by Socialist Scandinavians, the Vikings.

The reason I’m publishing this is that Tsvetkov has produced a selection of twenty maps. They are all quite revealing for us Europeans.

There is a portion of truth in all prejudices, and I do believe the author has a point drawing a line across Europe between the “Olive Oil Europe” in the south, and the “Butter Europe” in the north. Some of his other divisions are more debatable in my view, although they’re all quite amusing.

His continental slices vary between religions, rich and poor, degrees of traditionalism and various types of personalities. Click on this image to expand it.

The Map


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