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Most articles on Sandalsand describe actual trips. Some entries have a different perspective, but are all related to travelling.

Abstracts of the world

Let’s get up in the air. We will search for the varieties as well as common denominators, which define this planet and life on it.



Sandalsand deals with travelling in a wider sense of the word than only describing actual trips. Let us have a look outside the window and see what we can find.

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Sandalsand is a combined travel “blog” and travel website. Find articles aimed at discussing various aspects of this practice.


Here are 3×3 random entries from the sections under Special articles.

Abstracts of the world

This Week in Nature: 7 Active Volcanoes

All through the history of mankind fire has fascinated, terrified and calmed us all, and we have made endeavours to control its force.   Introduction The most uncontrollable force of all is the kind of fire that is trapped below the Earth's thin and fragile...

Religious Buildings (10) After death – Burial sites as World Heritage Sites

Rich people, like kings, emperors and nobles have for thousands of years been concerned about their heritage. Some of them have in modern times and long after their death, got UNESCO on the bait, resulting in their final resting places being designated as World...

Religious Buildings (2) Christian places of worship

Christianity is a religious faith that has triggered the building of some of the world's largest and most magnificent places of worship. Travelling the European continent one cannot avoid entering a city of some size, and there they have it: A cathedral, often in...


Poems and quotes on trains

Travelling by train does something to you, it stimulates thoughts, and afterthoughts. Here is a selection of reflections others have made about trains, stations, and travelling.   Quotes about train travel (part 1) At Goodreads you will find many quotes and...

Don’t we all love passport stamps?

In a previous article I presented short stories from extra-ordinary border crossings and described the excitement of having souvenirs hidden inside your passport in the shape of a stamp.    Read the article The Fascination of Passports. Here,...

Great Travel Songs

Are there any great songs about travelling? Yes, there are and I have compiled a playlist.  On my YouTube channel - Sandalfilm - I have a compilation of songs about travels and travelling. They deal with going from one place to another, moods, the people you...

Been there, done that… There is SO much left to explore…

But what and where? In this post you may read more about the bright future, be it World Wonders, the competing lists for "tickers" and some thoughts about the shortcomings of such lists.   World Wonders? In 2007 there was a widely disputed but equally acclaimed...

Travel apps – Hotels, flights, transportation, communication, handyman

This is the second of two posts offering advice on which apps to use for travelling, near or far. This post deals with travel apps categorised as Hotels and flights, Local transportation, Communication, and a special section simply called Handyman. The other post...

500 Great Travel Quotes

The world of literature is full of wise observations with or without a sense of humour. Some might be found in libraries. Other quotes may be drawn from sources like music lyrics, magazines, Twitter, and blogs. I have a collection of more than 500. I add a promise to...

Where’s that plane heading?

Have you ever gazed up at the sky above, spotted a plane and wondered where it was heading? And more: Where did it depart from, what kind of plane is it, what airline, how high is it flying? Well, there's an app for that! Flightradar24 is a free plane tracker app...

Counting countries or the art of exaggeration

Have you ever wondered how far you've travelled, how you got there, for how long, and to how many countries? Well, I have. My statistics are found on Travellerspoint, along with the map I use to keep track of my travels. It states that I have been travelling the...

A disintegrated Europe – what would it look like?

Is Europe on the road to self-destruction? Secessionist movements are gaining momentum, and history proves they will be successful. The forces of disintegration in a world of constant conflict and change is challenging the Old World more than ever before.  ...

The Fascination of Passports

Browsing through a passport is like opening a book to the world and to the life of the owner. After a few decades you’re likely to have a collection of them, and if you have been adventurous they will be filled with visas and entry and exit stamps from...

Writing and publishing

Get your favourite news delivered to you

How do you find out if your favourite travel blogs have posted new content? Do you have them bookmarked and actually visit each and every site? Stop doing that, and follow my advice.   I'm following 200 travel blogs, magazines and newspaper travel sections...

2013 is out, 2014 is here

26 flights, 36,822 kilometres, 7 trips, 9 countries, 35 days spent travelling, 14 new World Heritage Sites visited. That was the statistics for 2013. Readers of this blog can read 2013-stories from Copenhagen visited around New Year 2012/2013 Milan and the...

Bucket list for 2014 and beyond

I will by the start of a new year be presenting my bucket list for the coming year or years. The list is the manifestation of my dreams or concrete plans for future trips around the world.  Read the review of 2013 posted on this very day, New Year's day.  ...

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