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Most articles on Sandalsand describe actual trips. Some entries have a different perspective, but are all related to travelling.

Abstracts of the world

Let’s get up in the air. We will search for the varieties as well as common denominators, which define this planet and life on it.



Sandalsand deals with travelling in a wider sense of the word than only describing actual trips. Let us have a look outside the window and see what we can find.

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Sandalsand is a combined travel “blog” and travel website. Find articles aimed at discussing various aspects of this practice.


Here are 3×3 random entries from the sections under Special articles.

Abstracts of the world

Horizontal lines on world maps – the special ones

Maps of the Earth include many latitudes. They are the lines which divide the globe horizontally. Five of them have names. I have crossed four of them.   The parallels or circles of latitude bearing names The latitude of the Equator is fixed. But the exact...

Defensive Structures (1) The huge ones

There are some historically significant and physically huge military structures around the world. They have been built to protect entire countries against invading hostile forces. Some of them will be presented in this article, based on my own travels. There are also...

This Week in Nature: Introduction

This is the first article in a series about inspiring natural phenomena. Human elements, such as cultural landscapes, will be largely exempted but the human experience cannot be fully erased. There will be scenic sights from many parts of the world, with only one...


The Fascination of Passports

Browsing through a passport is like opening a book to the world and to the life of the owner. After a few decades you’re likely to have a collection of them, and if you have been adventurous they will be filled with visas and entry and exit stamps from...

Two or more people off to discover the world and themselves

We have come to the third list of great travel movies. In the previous article we met the lone wolves travelling the earth's surface looking for something. The following list deals with a group of people out on the same mission. Some are on actual escape routes from a...

20 Ways to Slice Europe

What kind of prejudices do you think exist in, and about, Europe? How do you draw a map indicating the stereotypes? Well, a Bulgarian called Yanko Tsvetkov offers a fascinating answer to these questions.  He has produced a couple of books called Atlas of...

The elusive goal of visiting all World Heritage Sites

For many years I have worked consciously to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites where ever I have travelled. I first choose a place or a country to visit, then I look up which heritage sites that may be around when I get there.  In the past ten years I have on...

Don’t we all love passport stamps?

In a previous article I presented short stories from extra-ordinary border crossings and described the excitement of having souvenirs hidden inside your passport in the shape of a stamp.    Read the article The Fascination of Passports. Here,...

Paintings about travelling

Painters have always been fascinated by travels, in all aspects of the word. This is a look into their world and how they imagined travel would be like, or how they themselves experienced it. Travelling stimulates our imagination and our dreams and desires. It is also...

Great Travel Songs

Are there any great songs about travelling? Yes, there are and I have compiled a playlist.  On my YouTube channel - Sandalfilm - I have a compilation of songs about travels and travelling. They deal with going from one place to another, moods, the people you...

The ultimate list of great travel movies

I have in a series of articles presented a large number of travel movies. Here you get an overview of what is included. I have used a few criteria to compile my list of movies. A travel movie's plot should involve a movement from one place to another, at least for...

Travel apps – Maps, navigation and guides

This is one of two posts offering advice on which apps to use for travelling, near or far. We'll first concentrate on the very basics: Maps and navigation and Guide(books). The other post deals with travel apps categorised as Hotels and flights, Local...

Ticking places off a bucket list

Travellers have a tendency to set up a bucket list, meaning a list of things to do or places to go before they die, or "kick the bucket" as the idiom goes. The to-do list may involve doing a bungee jump, sail around the world, or hike the Camino de Santiago. I will...

Writing and publishing

Reader Survey

This is a survey form where visitors to "Sandalsand Global Travelling" can provide feedback about their experiences. Please contribute to the improvement of this website. It will take you about two minutes to answer the questions. In doing so, bear in mind that...

How to technically make your own travel blog?

Sandalsand is celebrating its first anniversary as an independent travel blog under its own .net domain. This is a look into the rear mirror at what happened prior to the launching. The main purpose of the article is to explain to other potential bloggers my...

What’s with a name, for example Sandalsand?

The name Sandalsand came a bit by chance. In the summer of 2011, I gradually felt I wanted to start sharing my travels on the Internet. I looked around for an illustration of the word "travel." I wanted to be anonymous, so a portrait was out of the question. On the...

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