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On this page you will find links to 81 countries in seven of the world’s regions. In addition there are several maps to guide your virtual journey around the globe. 

The featured image of baskets and boxes was taken at the entrance to a temple near Inle Lake, Myanmar.  

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My own country Norway is a special case because there are so many images, videos and travelogues.

Sandalsand’s Globe

In each region, Sandalsand has been to destinations in the green countries. Countries in yellow are the rest. 

Destinations on the world map

Welcome to Sandalsand’s world map! Have a look at it, find out which places Sandalsand has visited and dive into the articles on this website.

The map includes all published content on Sandalsand that is possible to pinpoint geographically: Travelogues, photo galleries, videos, as well as World Heritage Sites. Click on the markers to read a short description and find a link to the article. Drag and zoom inside the map. You may even expand the map into a new tab or window.

Legend: The green coloured tourist attraction symbol indicate travelogues and the blue World Heritage Sites use the UNESCO icon. Yellow camera icons are picture galleries and grey video cameras indicate which places are described with a YouTube video. You will have to zoom quite a lot to find out the details. Several markers have been placed on roughly the same position.

Depth of insight

The content of this website is not only about the number of destinations. It is also about how detailed I describe the trips and experiences.

Some of the older trips are transcripts of my diary at the time of travelling. This makes them historically very correct, and sometimes quite detailed. I build most entries around my photos, videos and accompanying comments at the time of writing.

A travel website may have many posts, from many places, but with little content. A travel website may also be the opposite. It may provide detailed background of the destination, its history, present situation and so on. My intention is to describe what I see and do. In addition, I want to give enough background about the site to provide a perspective. Ultimately, I want to make the reader want to go there himself or herself. In natural life, or simply in his or her armchair.

Read more in the About section and in this post.



To travel is to see, to return is to talk. (African Proverb)

Time travel

Travel back in time with Sandalsand. Cut straight to all journeys from the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s, 2015’s and 2020’s. The categorisation applies to travelogues only, not special articles or articles from World heritage sites.

Some time after publishing a travelogue I change the publishing date to the date of the actual travel. This means that my oldest trips follow at the bottom of all lists. They are in a reverse chronological order, from the newest to the oldest.




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