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Pictures add an extra dimension to a travel website. Moving pictures add even more. Sandalsand has more than 190 short travel videos, and the number is rising. They combine live video, photographs and music from the visited country.

You may want to check out my YouTube channel Sandalfilm directly. Find videos and playlists from my home-country Norway on a separate page. There is also a page with playlists from destinations across the globe.

The featured illustration above is from the Gorkhi Terelj national park in Mongolia.


Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me. (Federico Fellini)


I am not Fellini and I certainly do not make films about me. I only make films of what I see, experience, and discover. On my travels. There are no secret, symbolical levels a la Fellini. However, there is an intention, I might add.


In general, I find that for videos the acting is more realistic. (Tara Strong)


The quoted observation may not originate from one of the world’s most recognised persons. It does however point to a fact: Travel videos on YouTube, like mine, are not fiction. They are portraying a reality seen through a camera lens, without any acting, without any artificial backdrop. They may be subjective, the angles and clippings are those of the video maker, but the Wysiwyg acronym – what you see is what you get – is befitting the amateur’s travel video. What you see is what the maker actually saw, thus being real. This means of course that the travel videos are more than the results of dreams. On the other hand, does the father of Star Wars have a point?


The secret to film is that it’s an illusion. (George Lucas)

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