VIDEO – Norway – Trondheim

Last updated Nov 15, 2019 | Published on Sep 9, 2013Norway, Norway Videos, Videos

Imagine a day walking the streets of Trondheim. Enjoy the picturesque Nidelven river, the transformed old docklands and the well preserved wooden residential houses in Bakklandet. See the famous Nidaros cathedral, the church of Our Lady and finish off with visits to two captivating museum, the Museum of Arts and Crafts (aka Decorative Arts), and the Rockheim Museum of Norwegian pop and rock music.

This video gives you an introduction to what this central Norwegian town has to offer.


(1) “Nidelven stille og vakker du er.” Artists: Nora Brockstedt & Kurt Foss.
(2) “Prelude”. Artists: Nidarosdomens guttekor. Album: Jul i Nidarosdomen
(3) “Reverie (small theme) (ft. Pitx)” Artist: Ghost. CC License 3.0


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