So, you would like to contact the company responsible for this website? And perhaps to hold those people responsible for their writings?

Well, that might a problem.

The case is that Sandalsand is one person. It is not a business. On the other hand there is a name. The man behind Sandalsand is Bård Humberset, from Stavanger in Norway. If you like, you may read more about me in the About section. This means that this website is not a regular business operation and there is no physical business address. If you wish to contact Sandalsand directly, use this email address instead:

Contact ( at )

Replace empty spaces, parentheses and the word inside with @. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. In addition, you may also want to get in touch on my social media platforms. Just click one of the buttons below. In addition, I would encourage you to subscribe to newsletters.





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