VIDEO – Iceland – The Golden Circle

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This video is from the Golden Circle, the most famous and popular day-trip out of Reykjavik. The scenery is awesome, the sights are splendid and this little video shows you most of the highlights.

The video contains moving and still images from a visit to this wonderful part of Iceland. Join me on the road to Thingvellir and places like Almannagjá, Flosagjá and Lögberg. There we find a volcanic landscape which forms the division between the American and Eurasian continents. Thingvellir is the politically most important site in Icelandic history, and also a World Heritage Site.

Other highlights include the Geysir Hot Springs area. It consists of several small and large geysers. Coming up after this is the magnificent Gullfoss. There are also several other waterfalls to enjoy on the Golden Circle, like Faxi. This video also includes views from the Skálholt Cathedral. It was the religious, political and cultural centre on Iceland for centuries.

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This video from the Golden Circle is on YouTube. You may watch it here, or open it in a larger window on YouTube.