VIDEO – Poland – The Malbork Castle

Jan 29, 2017North and Central Europe, Poland, Videos

The Castle of Malbork was built by knights of the Teutonic Order in the late 13th century. They withdrew here after having fought as crusaders in the Holy Land.

Around 200 years later, by the late 15th century, the castle had been expanded several times into what is even now the largest castle in the world measured in land area. Then the Kings of Poland took over and reigned here for 300 years until the first partition of Poland in 1772. The last rulers of Malbork castle were the Prussians.

The castle fell gradually into decline and was also severely damaged at the end of WW2. Serious efforts have been made to reconstruct and restore the castle to its former glory. The result is spectacular and we are all welcomed to the museum it has been turned into. Malbork Castle has even been awarded the honour of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about the history and my visit in this article.



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