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15 flights, 26,524 kilometres, 5 trips, 6 countries, 24 days spent travelling, 7 new World Heritage Sites visited. That was the statistics for 2014.

As shown on @Sandalgram (Instagram): My travels in 2014 included clockwise from top right #budapest #stockholm #kyrgyzstan #cyprus #hardanger



Readers of this blog can read stories from (with intro text to the first article):

Hardanger, Norway in May: Read about two and a half days on the road in picturesque Hardanger, Norway. It is spring, the fruit trees are in blossom, the snow has still not melted on the mountain tops, and the sun is shining.

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in June: This article is written and published shortly before I embark on a fourteen days road trip in the Central Asian republics of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The objective is to present my itinerary. It is a Classic – Marco Polo was here before me.

Cyprus in August: For a large number of visitors to Ayia Napa only one thing counts: “Living la vida loca”.

Budapest in September: The famous monumental sights of Budapest are easy to find. For a change, join me for a walk to the nice little gardens and courtyards.

Stockholm in December: The old city of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) draws many visitors to the capital of Sweden. Deservedly so. However, there is more to see and this article will highlight more attractions.


In June I launched a Norwegian language page called Sandalsand Norge, featuring travels and things to see and do in Norway. I was busy rest of the year giving it a proper content, and I am very content. Unfortunately the effort has been at the expense of the English language Sandalsand website and the YouTube video channel.

Still, I released 13 new travel videos on my YouTube channel, but there should have been more. The collection of 186 videos have now been watched more than 190,000 times, and there are 204 subscribers to Sandalfilm.

The publications on Sandalsand were not really bad, in numbers. In fact, 185 articles were published on Sandalsand in 2014, 156 on the new Norwegian sub-domain.

In late 2013 I opened accounts at Twitter and Instagram and they have been growing steadily all through 2014, in content and in followers. As the fireworks went up across the world I had typed 461 tweets and instagrammed 67 images. The Sandalgram account has 200 followers and Sandaltweet has reached 3,041.

What about 2015? No plans are fixed. My bucket list is long, my dreams are many, and some of them will be accomplished.

Happy New Year!


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