2013 is out, 2014 is here

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26 flights, 36,822 kilometres, 7 trips, 9 countries, 35 days spent travelling, 14 new World Heritage Sites visited. That was the statistics for 2013.

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In late October I moved my blog from Travellerspoint to my own hosted site at Sandalsand.net, and set about a major upgrade of all my blogging practice. By year-end I had published 93 new blog entries and attracted readers from at least 126 countries.

In mid-November I moved into the worlds of Twitter and Instagram as well. As the fireworks went up across the world I had typed 75 tweets and instagrammed 113 images, and gathered enough followers for a good start.

More stats: I released 37 travel videos on my YouTube channel and published 6 more photo albums on the Picasa site. The latter category will eventually be discontinued. My ambition is to concentrate all images here.

What about 2014? No plans are fixed. My bucket list is long. , my dreams are many, and some of them will be accomplished.

Happy New Year!

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