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I was back in Hong Kong after almost 44 days in China. I spent the next days trying to recover and plan my onward journey.

This article is part of a diary based travelogue from a six month journey in 1985 to several countries in East and South East Asia: Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand


Wednesday 27.3.1985, Hong Kong

There was a very dense fog when our ship from Shanghai sailed into Hong Kong harbour. We were meant to dock at 0830 but it was postponed for four hours. That makes 66 hours at sea.


Hong Kong entry and exit stamps, 1985 (2)

Stamps in my passport from my second HK stay


It had been a relaxing and fine transition from rural China to urban Hong Kong; at times rather boring, but alright.

I went straight to

There were lots of Swedes, including Karin whom I had met in Lhasa. It felt good to return to Hong Kong again.

I checked out flights and prices to Manila. They proved to be quite similar from travel agency to travel agency. I was still uncertain how long I would be staying in the Philippines and where I should go afterwards. I figured on spending two-three weeks in Manila and northern Philippines. Then I would some way or another go to Indonesia.

I had spent unexpectedly long time in China. The flight costs to Jakarta and/or Bali were unfortunately not affordable. The travel agents recommended me to go to Singapore first, and buy a ticket from there.

In any case I bought a ticket for 1150 HK$ (150 USD), departure on Sunday to Manila and with an open date onwards to Singapore. Time Travel was yet again my agency. (1 US$ was 7.8 HK$)

I dropped by a photo store to enquire about a repair of my camera. I had dropped it on the floor in Lhasa smashing the electronics. Unfortunately it would take too long to fix it and furthermore too expensive.


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