Madrid, the Spanish capital

Last updated Nov 9, 2019 | Published on Nov 15, 20042000s, Destinations, Southern Europe, Spain, Travelogue

Madrid is a capital and has been so for centuries. That is easy to notice walking and driving around this city of royals.


We had no particular expectations visiting Madrid for the first time on a weekend. Instead we just wanted to take in the impressions we could get in such a limited time, a stay of three days does give an oversight but not much more. Being accustomed to travel, and being without children around us we had ample opportunity to move fast around.

We started with taking an audio-guided tour on a city bus, one of those “London” double-deckers with the upper floor without a roof. They have become so immensely popular in every major city the last few years.

The next couple of days we spent walking the streets and squares, visiting museums and palaces. We had a wonderful weekend.



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