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This page includes all playlists from Sandalsand. Use it as a one-stop-shop for video watching, and even for music streaming.


A number of the videos from Sandalsand’s YouTube channel present traditional music from the visited country. Be aware that there are more videos on the All Videos page. Where do you want to go?

Some videos may not be available in your country and some may not display properly on mobile devices. You will find videos and playlists from Norway on the Norway Videos page instead.

These are the playlists you will find further down the page. The number of videos in each playlists is indicated in the parentheses.

Balkans (3); Cambodia (8); China (11); Cuba (5); Egypt (10); England (7); France (5); Germany (4); Italy (8); Laos (4); Mongolia (6); Myanmar (7); Poland (3); Portugal (9); Russia (9); Spain (12); Trans-Siberian Railway (5); UNESCO’s World Heritage List (68); Train journeys (10); Great travel songs (71) (The latter is not my production, only my compilation.)


3 videos, 10 minutes

These videos show World Heritage Sites in Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The videos contain my own film, photos and textual explanations. The music is the national anthems and more.

Read about the visit.


8 videoes, 48 minutes

The video material was shot during a trip to the South East Asian country of Cambodia. My videos, photos and textual explanations are accompanied by traditional music.

Read about the visit.

China (Beijing)

11 videoes, 25 minutes

This collection presents 11 places in and around Beijing. They are on most tourist itineraries, and several of them are World Heritage Sites too. The playlist offers complete guided tours with videos, photos, text and traditional music.

Read about the visit.



5 videos, 18 minutes

These videos document a round trip of Cuba  and include impressions from Havana, Pinar del Rio, Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Most videos are from World Heritage Sites. My videos, photos and textual explanations are accompanied by music from Cuba.

Read about the visits.


10 videoes, 35 minutes

The videos are from a cruise down the Nile with stops in Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna and Luxor. Start and end in Cairo. Several of the videos are from World Heritage Sites.

This is a guided tour with videos, photos and textual explanations accompanied by traditional and modern pop music of Egypt.

Read about the visit.



7 videoes, 43 minutes

World Heritage Sites and other interesting places in England.

Read about the visits.



5 videos, 38 minutes

A collection of videos from Corsica in the south, via Paris to the Champagne district in the north.

Read about the visits.



4 videos, 11 minutes

This is a collection of videos from World Heritage Sites in Germany.

Read about the visits.



8 videos, 24 minutes

This is a collection of (mostly) World Heritage Sites in Italy.

Read about the visits.


4 videos, 9 minutes

Videos from a trip to the South East Asian country of Laos. My videos, photos and textual explanations are accompanied by traditional music.

Read the first entry in my three-part travelogue here.



6 videos, 10 minutes

Discover scenes from the capital and from a ger camp in the countryside. In addition, you will be able to look out the window from a train crossing the vast Mongolian plateau. My videos, photos and textual explanations are accompanied by traditional music from Mongolia, including the unique throat song.

Read about the visit.


Myanmar (Burma)

7 videos, 33 minutes

Videos from train rides, villages, handicrafts and markets in Myanmar (Burma).

Read about the visit.



3 videos, 13 minutes

World Heritage Sites in and near Krakow, Poland.

Read about the visits.



9 videos, 42 minutes

This playlist has a number of videos from sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Read more about Portugal.



9 videoes, 49 minutes

Moscow is the capital of Mother Russia. This playlist has videos from Moscow city centre, an excursion to the Golden Ring and from the Trans-Siberian train.

In combination, you will discover a set of guided tours with videos, photos and textual explanations. Everything is accompanied by Russian music.

Read more about Russia.



12 videos, 67 minutes

Videos from Barcelona, Madrid and Andalucía (Andalusia).

Read more about Spain.


Trans-Siberian Railway

5 videoes, 24 minutes

The Trans-Siberian Railway, Mongolian line. The playlist starts in Moscow and shows the first leg to Ulanbaatar. It makes a special tribute to the area around Lake Baikal in Russia. It continues across the Mongolian plateau and ends in the green valleys of China.

Music are from the national anthems of the three countries. In addition, you will hear traditional Mongolian music as well as classical music from the Russian composer Rachmaninov.

Read more about this.


UNESCO’s World Heritage List

68 videos, 4 hours

A number of my videos are from World Heritage Sites. This playlist collects them all, sorted alphabetically.

Read more about what this is.


Train journeys

10 videos

This is a compilation of my train videos from Norway, Myanmar, Russia, China and Mongolia.

Read more about train journeys.


Great Travel Songs

71 videos

This is a compilation of songs about travels and travelling: Going from one place to another, moods, people you meet, places you see.

The songs are from popular music in a very wide definition of the term: Metal, Rock, Country, Folk, Blues etc.

Read the entry about this.


English, who needs that? I’m never going to England. (Homer Simpson)

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