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Last updated Oct 2, 2021 | Published on May 12, 2019Ireland, North and Central Europe, Photo Galleries

The galleries on this page are from a couple of visits, many years apart. My first visit to Ireland was on a road trip around the island in 1994. The second was a long weekend in and around Dublin in 2019. 

I have yet to tell the stories from these visits, so my readers will have to settle with these pictures until I find time to fix it.

a) Click on a gallery below to reveal all images. b) Hover on an image to show where it was taken. c) Click an image to enlarge it. d) Move between the enlarged images using the arrow keys. e) Use the back button in your browser to return.

Images from a day trip out of Dublin into the Wicklow Mountains, visiting Glendalough and Powerscourt House & Gardens.

In and around Dublin, Ireland on a long weekend visit. It was good to come back after so many years.

This gallery offers photographs from most of Ireland's counties, a result of a week-long road trip around the island. It's such a beautiful country.

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