Sandalsand’s 6 Year Anniversary

Last modified 20.03.2022 | Published 30.07.2017Publishing

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A 6 year anniversary calls for a celebration! I realised earlier today when I posted a new article, that the article counter was showing 800. I suddenly remembered that my first article on Sandalsand was published on August 1st, 2011 – almost exactly six years ago. 

That is 133 articles a year, on average. Or more than one every third day.

In addition I looked up the Norwegian language sister website, only presenting articles from Norway, Sandalsand Norge. It came to life on June 1st 2014, but the number of articles has also today reached a round figure. Exactly 500. 

Where will this end?

Please enjoy more articles while you’re here. And give me some feedback by clicking in to my Reader Survey. Happy 6 Year Anniversary.