VIDEO – England – Highgate Cemetery in London

Last updated Sep 22, 2019 | Published on May 27, 2012North and Central Europe, United Kingdom, Videos

In the early 1800’s London was rapidly expanding and needed to secure more burial grounds. In response to this seven new cemeteries were prepared. “The Magnificent Seven”. One of them was Highgate Cemetery.

The first person was buried in 1839. Since then more than 170,000 people found their last resting place in about 53,000 graves. The cemetery is now rarely used. In the past it featured in spooky movies, as well as being the base of the “Highgate Vampire”.

Highgate is divided into two parts, East and West. Only the Eastern part is generally open to visitors. The western part is acknowledged as the most intriguing one and is only accessible on a guided tour. This video is from Highgate West.

Audio: “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod

Some images courtesy of @hannekarins

Read the full story here.

Read more on the cemetery’s website.




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