VIDEO – Norway – Ålesund

Last updated Nov 15, 2019 | Published on Jun 4, 2012Norway, Norway Videos, Videos

In the night of January 23. 1904 practically the entire wooden town centre of Ålesund on the Norwegian West Coast was destroyed in a fire.

The disaster hit the news headlines all across the world and a major restoration effort took place. During the following three years the centre was rebuilt, this time using stone as building material. The architecture was mainly “Art Nouveau” style with turrets, spires, gables and fantastic ornamentation.

This video shows the street scene as of 2012, still very much like it was rebuilt more than a hundred years ago. A beautiful city.

Audio: “Segue in C” from the album “The First Time – The Count Meets The Duke” by Duke Ellington and Count Basie

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