VIDEO – Norway – Jæren – Viste

Last updated Nov 15, 2019 | Published on Mar 10, 2013Norway, Norway Videos, Videos

This film is from a series of hikes on the coastal strip of Jæren, in south-western Norway. This one is from the hike between the Viste beach and Vistnesvågen with detours to Vistehola (cave) and Vistnestunet (old farm houses).

Audio: (1) “The Burnside Tragedy” by Alison Doyle. It is issued under this Creative Commons License. (2) “Sailing the Seas of Titan” by Milkshake Daddy. It is issued under this Creative Commons License.

The video has text in Norwegian. For English language explanation consult this hike description and the introduction to the hikes.

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