VIDEO – Norway – Lysefjorden 5 – Kjerag

Last updated Nov 15, 2019 | Published on Mar 8, 2012Norway, Norway Videos, Videos

The video is part of my Lysefjord series


Around the Lysefjord (5): Øygardsstølen (Ørneredet “Eagle’s Nest) to Kjerag mountain. Views down to Lysebotn and Lysefjord. Kjeragbolten.

Audio: “Morgenstemning” (“Morgenstimmung”) from “Peer Gynt suite”, composed by Edvard Grieg

1000 metres straight up from one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords, the Lysefjorden, the Kjerag cliff and the astonishing boulder Kjeragbolten are the ultimate goals of a perfect hike. This video shows and explains nearly all. It has to experienced.

This video is part of my “Around the Lysefjord” (“Lysefjorden Rundt”) playlist.

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