World Heritage #0095 – Old City of Dubrovnik

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The Old City of Dubrovnik is a perfect Medieval fortress with fascinating buildings inside. It draws thousands of visitors every year.

The UNESCO World Heritage List includes more than a thousand properties with outstanding universal value. They are all part of the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

Official facts

  • Country: Croatia
  • Date of Inscription: 1979
  • Category: Cultural site

UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre’s short description of site no. 95:

“The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. Damaged again in the 1990s by armed conflict, it is now the focus of a major restoration programme co-ordinated by UNESCO.”

My visit

I visited Dubrovnik in 2006. I wrote this:

“The town’s medieval walls and old city is fantastic. Hordes of tourists are of the same opinion, but still there was a lot of exciting things to see. We walked half the wall. (…) The Croatian fortified coastal town of Dubrovnik is a fascinating and popular place on any tourist agenda. It is certainly high on the historically interested people’s itineraries. It is no wonder that the old town is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. “

Read more about my visit.

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