130,000 views on Sandalsand’s YouTube Channel

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I’m happy! When I started out my blogging practice almost three years ago I knew that plain text would have to be accompanied and enhanced by photographs, and that videos would add even more. Today I passed 130,000 views on Sandalfilm, my YouTube travel video channel.

The number of videos have been growing a lot more than I envisioned the day I published my first video. In January 2012 a large number of videos based on travels during the previous decade were released on YouTube. After that new videos have been published after each trip. The number of videos is now 185.

Likewise, the number of views has shown a pretty nice development. During the first year I was happy with 50 views a day from all over the world. By the beginning of 2013 the number grew to roughly 250 views, and this year has seen daily views averaging more than 300. In February this year I passed 100K views, and 120K exactly one month ago. And now 130,000 views.

I’m proud and I’m grateful!

None of my videos have gone viral on the internet. I mean, watching a video from Myanmar’s Inle Lake is not at all appealing to the vast masses of this world. They are not my target group anyway. I produce videos for people who want to go a place (in reality or dream) and would like some impulses and basic information about it.

I’m also happy that my videographic material has been growing in quality, both in terms of technical quality (HD) and what I am able to do with my camera. Read my article series about keeping and developing your picture and video archives.


These are the five most played videos:

  1. Russia – Trans-Siberian Railway
  2. England – Chelsea Flower Show 2012
  3. Russia – Moscow – Red Square
  4. England – Highgate Cemetery in London
  5. Norway – Borgund stavkirke (stave church)

And when we’re at it, here’s the video from Inle Lake. It deserves in my opinion a lot more views.