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On my blogroll I keep track of recently published articles on a number of travel websites (blogs) as well as a handful of magazines.

This post was published in June, 2017. The list is no longer maintained. Read on and find out why.


A look back

When I started my own publishing practice in August 2011, I made a list of good travel blogs that very autumn, and developed it a year later. By November 2013 I had set up my new website here at Sandalsand. I then defined the “blogroll” as a fixed menu item/page.

In the ensuing years I updated the content on an irregular frequency. That means I removed some: Travel blogs come, flourish and die. The “digital nomads” and “eternal travellers” settled down and their enlightened flames suddenly vanished. I also added new interesting travel blogs and magazines, as sources of inspiration and learning. The result is that I still subscribe to many of the sites from the first years.


What has happened?

Time has however come to relegate the status of this blogroll from “page” to “post”. This means that I will no longer update the list below. It will remain as it is, as a reminder of (and recommendation to) good travel websites as of June, 2017. They all exist, but some may not have had new content published for a while. That is in essence not a problem, because they have good articles worth reading up on prior to visiting a particular destination. (Actually, links to dead websites are removed if they occur.)

I’m doing this for several reasons. One important reason is that I do not want to spend time administering this particular list. Instead I’m using Feedly to administer my subscriptions (read why). On Feedly my screen is updated with new articles when they are published, automatically. I do not need the blogroll for my own sake, and frankly it has not been extremely popular among my readers. 


I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. (Oscar Wilde)


The list

(Zero to B)

42nd Class || A Dangerous Business || Adventures of D || Adventurous Kate || Africa || Ageless GlobeTravels || An Ocean Away || Arctic Nomad || Art Weekenders || Aussie in France || Backroad Planet || Bacon is Magic || Been There, Seen That, Got The Postcard || Beyond My Front Door || Blissful Adventures || Blonde Abroad || Blonde Gypsy || Bob Carries On || Bon Voyage, Lauren! || Borders Of Adventure || Breakaway Backpacker || Bucket List Publications



Camels & Chocolate || CharlotteJohnson888 || Croatia Travel Guide & Blog || Curious Cat Expat || Caffeinated Day Tripper || Chaotic Scot || Crowded Planet


(D to F)

DA Travelography || Daily Scandinavian || Deliciously Directionless || Diaries of an explorer || Divergent Travelers || Down the Wrabbit Hole || Dreams of Freedom || Drew Binsky (ex-The Hungry Partier) || Drivers Touring Europe….and Beyond || Eff It, I’m On Holiday || || || EuroTravelogue || Everything Everywhere || Everywhereist || Expert Vagabond || Eye & Pen: Travel – Blog || Finding the universe || Follow my travel || Forget Someday || Fortune and Glory, Kid || FoXnoMad || Fromatravellersdesk || FusionTourism


(G to K)

Gentleman Adventurer || Global Pitara || Globetrotting Galore || Goats On The Road || GoMad Nomad Travel || GranTourismo! || Green Global Travel || Heather on her travels blog || Hecktic Travels || Henrik Travel || Hey Nadine || Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel || I Should Tend To My Sunburn || I Sign || Ice cream and permafrost || Independent Travel Cats || IndieTraveller || Jaspa’s Journal || Jcarroll || Johnny Jet || Just one way ticket || Kiss From The World


(L to M)

Le Monde – A Poetic Travail || Lee Abbamonte || Life Changing Year || Living the Dream || LL World Tour || Longest Way Home || Mags On The Move || Man Vs Clock || Mapping Megan || Marginal Boundaries || MeganStarr || Mike’s Adventures || My Itchy Travel Feet || MytanFeet


(N to P)

Nerd Nomads || Nerdy Nomad || Never Ending Voyage || Never-Ending Footsteps || No Vacation Required || Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site || Nomadic Samuel || Ordinary Traveler Feeds || Out of Town Blog || Over Here || Over Yonderlust || Overland Travel Adventures || Passport and Toothbrush || Pommie Travels || Planet D


(R to S)

RamBLer WithOUT BorDers || Remarkabletravels || Restrepo Ortega | Documentalist || Road Forks || Round the World in 30 Days || Runaway Brit || Runaway Guide || See The World In My Eyes || Sending postcards || Solo Wayfarer || Stop Having a Boring Life



ThaHoliday || Taste of Travel || Travel Gear Reviews || Travel Wench || Travelbunny || Two Gallivants || Thinking Nomads || Time Travel Turtle || Too Many Adapters || TourBackpacker || TrailBound || Travel & Food Adventures || Travel and Beyond || Travel Junkie Julia || Travel Life Experiences || Travel Notes & Beyond || Travel Past 50 || Travel Photo Blogging || Travel the World || Travel with Kat || Traveling Bytes || Traveller Soul || Travels of Adam || True Nomads || Turquoise Compass || Twenty-Something Travel


(V to Y)

Vagabond Journey || Wandering Earl || Wanderlusters || What’s Dave Doing? || Where’s Sharon? || Wife with Baggage || Wild Junket || Without Baggage || Y Travel Blog ||


I follow more than 5,000 travellers on Twitter, and many among them run a travel blog. I have not had a chance to check them all out.