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This page introduces several road trips in Norway. The objective is to entertain, inform and suggest itineraries for your own motorised exploration of this beautiful country.


This page is part of a collection from Norway, with photos and videos from road trips, hikes and visits to places all over the country. You will also find World Heritage Sites. By the way, did you know that Sandalsand is on YouTube?

Driving in Norway is quite easy, both for natives and foreigners. However, historically the roads were in a poor condition. To some degree this is still the case. People from other countries should know that distances are long and the country is scarcely populated. Every little farm, fjord and valley wants or has a connecting, paved road. This means that money spent on roads are sprinkled out thinly.

Even the major national and international roads are narrow. In addition there are not so many motorways (highways) outside the major cities.

Many of my road trips are from the Western coast. These roads are particularly infamous for their bends and steep mountainsides. A large number of very long tunnels have turned the mountains into a Swiss cheese. New bridges and tunnels open all the time. They eliminate the need to cross over high mountains and deep fjords. Thus, the picturesque ferries disappear.

However, a drive across a mountain is generally more interesting than to cut right through it. Fortunately, for the tourist, a number of mountain roads function as scenic tourist roads. They stay open in summer, a time of the year that most tourists would need them.

The featured illustration above, is from a view towards Barsnes and the mountains over the Sognefjord in the distance.


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