Jæren – The Endrestø hike

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This is about the Endrestø hike, one of many hikes on the coast of Jæren, Norway. The hike is 1.4 km one way.



Endrestø (Randaberg): A short and easy hike on a good trail between Viste beach and Kvernevik. To make it less easy, check out the rocky scenery at Endrestø.

One may park at either end of this 1.4 km hike, but I decided to start at the Kvernevika end, on the border to Stavanger. The officially marked trail runs slalom through the residencial neighbourhood at Endrestø before hitting the trail fit for strollers, cyclists and everyone else. We chose that route on the return.

This article presents one of many hikes on the coast of Jæren, Norway. Get an overview and browse the rest here. Check out the map details on this link.


What to see

Taking the unmarked path involves a quite cumbersome hike around the small headland at Endrestø, and I suspect few other visitors choose this route. But then it is all the more rewarding having done it. It was definitely far more interesting to follow the shoreline.

After a few hundred metres into the small bay at Endrestø, we walked up on the hiking trail and followed it the rest of the trip. There are fine views all along.

The next landmark after Endrestø is the marina in Goavika before discovering the sandy beach at Viste around a bend.

Viste beach has a beach hotel and makes a turning point for us on this trip. The beach is also a fine starting point for the hike westwards to Vistnesvågen. Read about it here.


Video from this hike


Further reading

This article presents one of many hikes on the coast of Jæren, Norway. Get an overview here. The hikes and corresponding articles are sorted in a north to south order. The adjacent hikes are:

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South: Kvernevik (Stavanger): The rocks at the tip of Smiodden receive the rhythmic pounding of the waves, while the trail winds in the hilly terrain of heather and grassland just inside. You don’t want to miss the memorial on this picture. (3.6 km)

Valuable reading in Norwegian from the municipality of Randaberg about walks and cultural assets. “Langs kysten i Randaberg” is an information folder in Norwegian from the municipality. It is available in pdf-format.

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