Pictures from the United Arab Emirates

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Find pictures from the United Arab Emirates, more precisely from Dubai. This was Sandalsand’s first visit to any of the seven emirates which constitute the country.

Check out United Arab Emirates entries. You will find this picture gallery page, and in time a regular travelogue. I have been slow in describing my visit in 2018.

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Images from a day and night in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

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Fast facts about the UAE

Learn about the country on Wikipedia. Here is an introduction based on it.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), or the Emirates, is a country in Western Asia. It is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, and shares land borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the UAE shares maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. Abu Dhabi is the capital, while Dubai, the most populous city, is an international hub.

The United Arab Emirates is an elective monarchy formed from a federation of seven emirates, consisting of Abu Dhabi (The capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Each emirate is governed by a Sheikh and, together, they form the Federal Supreme Council; one of them serves as President of the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, the country had a population of 9.2 million, of which 1.4 million were Emirati citizens and 7.8 million were expatriates. By 2020, the United Arab Emirates had an estimated population of roughly 9.9 million.



Tourism is a growth sector for the entire UAE economy. Dubai is a top tourism destination in the Middle East, with a 66% share of the UAE’s tourism economy. Abu Dhabi has a 16% share and Sharjah 10%. 

The UAE has the most advanced and developed infrastructure in the region. Since the 1980s, the UAE has been spending billions of dollars on infrastructure. These developments are particularly evident in the larger emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The northern emirates are rapidly following suit.