VIDEO – Norway – Jæren – Kvernevik

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This video from Kvernevik is from a series of hikes on the coastal strip of Jæren in south-western Norway. This hike one is from Kvernevik Ring in Stavanger and features the memorial of “Broken Chain” in memory of the Alexander Kielland oil rig accident in 1980 claiming 123 lives in the North Sea.

Audio: “Inspiration” by Francesco Stablum. (Soundcloud – Creative Commons License)

The video from Kvernevik has text in Norwegian. For an English language explanation consult this hike description and the introduction to the hikes.

You will find a number of videos from Norway and other countries on Sandalsand’s YouTube channel. As you can see from the link above, that’s where the original videos are. In addition they all appear in separate articles on this website. Find all videos from Norway.