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Watch a video from Kaupanger stave church. The church stands on the slope up from the Sognefjord, was built in 1137, and is one of the country’s oldest stave churches.

It has been rebuilt and expanded, and was even painted white like other Norwegian churches more than a hundred years ago.

However, the medieval construction itself is intact. The church is considered a well-preserved stave church. It’s probably more exciting inside than outside, so come along. Did you know it has musical notes drawn on the walls?

This video from Kaupanger stave church is part of a series from Norwegian stave churches. See the playlist on YouTube. After you have seen this video, read about the visit. Stave churches as a phenomenon are discussed in a special article.

Audio: Medieval music

You will find a number of videos from Norway and other countries on Sandalsand’s YouTube channel. As you can see from the link above, that’s where the original videos are. In addition they all appear in separate articles on this website.

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