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Last updated Nov 9, 2019 | Published on Jul 6, 2013Portugal, Southern Europe, Videos

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“Historic Centre of Oporto” is no. 755 on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Porto, or Oporto as it used to be called in English, has the unmistakable atmosphere of an historically important city.

You can’t miss this feeling standing on the Gaia side of the river Douro looking across the river to the Ribeira district rising high and steep up to the baroque buildings forming the skyline. Standing up there, looking down across the river to the huge warehouses of the port wine producers in the Gaia, you get the same feeling. Walking the banks on either side of the river, you will get the same impression. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and deservedly so.

Audio: “Maldição (Fado Cravo)” and “Nem Às Paredes Confesso” performed by the great fado singer Amália Rodrigues

Read about the visit and the WHC Site.

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