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We’re talking about a new layout on Sandalsand. Eight years have passed since the travel chronicles of Sandalsand emerged on the Web. It is six years since Sandalsand saw light as an own domain. Now, in 2019 it is time for a change.


2011, 2013, 2019

In 2011 I started to publish stories and media from my travels under the brand of Sandalsand. I had found a host which suited my needs at the time: I was unsure how much time and money I would spend on this hobby. By 2013 I had published a lot and the interest in continuing to do so was still on the increase. Consequently I bought my own domain, signed a contract with a web hotel, and set up Sandalsand.net. 

In October 2013 I wrote this in my welcome post: I am not only merging all my media platforms (blog, photo, video) on Sandalsand, but I am using a new inspirational layout, based on a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. Sandalsand is automatically adapted to work on all devices (mobile, tablet, mac/pc). I am preparing this site for future improvements.


The need for change

Well, there have not really been so many “future improvement” in terms of user experience. On the contrary, the site has become slower and slower, I’m getting several warnings from Google, and the look and feel is the same. Sure, there have been improvements – but mostly in terms of more and better content. Recently I have realised that Elegant Theme had dumped my theme, and would no longer provide updates to it. This meant that I would sooner or later be compelled to make a shift.


The changes in short

Seen from a user’s perspective, there have been improvements made in the 2019 edition of Sandalsand’s layout. The content has opened up to occupy the entire screen width. Like before the actual display varies with the kind of device you are using. The visual impression is lighter than on the old website, there is also more space inside the pages and posts. It is loading faster, but not fast enough in my opinion. It is as easy as before to navigate the different parts of website. 

There are also many changes behind the scenes, tech stuff. Perhaps I will return with a more technical explanation. 

Changes on Sandalsand Global takes place first. Sandalsand Norge, the Norwegian language sister page, will change later.



The following paragraph was included in the Welcome post in 2013. It is still valid in 2019.

This is my humble vision: You, the regular and sporadic reader will return to read more, you will feel motivated to subscribe to new entries, and you will even be inspired to travel yourself.


I need feedback

This is a survey form where visitors to “Sandalsand Global” can provide feedback about their experiences. Please contribute to the improvement of this website.

It will take you about two minutes to answer the questions. In doing so, bear in mind that all your answers are anonymous.