InterRail West (1) Quick start in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany

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Here is my diary from an InterRail train journey through Sweden, Denmark and Germany, to France and Italy.

This article is part of a series of 10. The 25 days long journey was on an InterRail train ticket a long time ago, in August 1991, to Germany, France and Italy. What follows are transcripts from my travel diary at the time. I have changed or added very little. 

We used this guidebook:



Friday 2.8.1991, Oslo

Not much travelling today. In Oslo we went down to the Central Station to catch the night train toCopenhagen. Our plan was to go almost directly to Paris. The three and a half weeks we have at our disposal we intend to spend in France and Italy.

We slept semi-well my girlfriend and I, in each our compartment.


Saturday 3.8.1991, Copenhagen, Lübeck, Hamburg

Copenhagen and Hamburg

A varied day. We woke up as the ferry crossed Øresund from Sweden. In Copenhagen we had a few hours before the train to Hamburg was leaving, so we first had some breakfast and went into the Strøget street. This is the main shopping street. OK.

The train to Hamburg wasn’t the most spectacular journey so I slept part of the way. In Hamburg we put our backpacks in a locker and went into town. In this case Reperbahn and adjoining pleasantries like Grosse Freiheit etc.

The area was surprisingly big – many blocks and lots of bars. Few of them had shows, but the prostitutes were lined up in five steps intervals along some of the streets.

It was also surprising to see so many people, in all ages and not only individuals or groups of males, but also couples. Lots of couples actually. It is interesting to see this area with my own eyes. It was not half as bad as expected.



Before getting this far we jumped off the train in Lübeck, the old hanseatic town. And they had indeed managed to preserve much of the past. It was pleasant, even though the shopping streets were closed for the day.


Germany - Lübeck

Lübeck, Germany


In Hamburg we boarded the train for Paris.


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