InterRail West (6) Day trip to Monaco

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A short stop in Monaco before continuing to Rome.

This article is part of a series of 10. The 25 days long journey was on an InterRail train ticket a long time ago, in August 1991, to Germany, France and Italy. What follows are transcripts from my travel diary at the time. I have changed or added very little. 


Wednesday 14.8.1991, French Riviera and Monaco

We took a local train further east to Monaco, or Monte Carlo. It was interesting to drive like this along all the small and big places along the Côte d’Azur. Many fancy places. In Monaco we walked up to the palace of the Royal family and had the opportunity to look inside. Nice.

Apart from this the Lilliputian state reminded me of Hong Kong. Very tightly built houses in a hillside and reclaimed harbour areas. But the skyscrapers were lacking and we did not notice any particular luxury.

Before leaving France we had bought a copy of the weekly newspaper The European. It had an article about the night train from Nice to Rome, focusing on the high crime rate on that particular train. Apparently thieves entered the train on the Italian side in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the tunnels, entered the compartments and stole whatever they found. The advice was to lock oneself in, stay there and open the door for nobody, not even for the train’s staff.

That was the very train we were taking. We allied with the other travellers and locked the door as thoroughly we could. In the middle of the night someone tried to get in, we don’t know who. Unfortunately we had not been able to get a sleeping car to Rome. It was a squeezed, hot, uncomfortable and sleepless night on a train that stopped on every station. We arrived safely and untouched in Rome on the minute, to our surprise.

Money spent in France: Approximately 460 NOK per person per day, equalling 66 USD at the time. A quarter was spent on accommodation.

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