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This is the introduction to a series about nature, or inspiring natural phenomena. We’ll be dealing with the classic elements of nature.

Human elements, such as cultural landscapes, will be largely exempted. The human experience cannot however be fully erased. There will be scenic sights from many parts of the world, with only one constraining factor: I must have been there myself.

This series is sorted according to the classic (Greek) Elements of Nature

Earth: We start underground (caves) and move out in the open to look at strange rock formations, dramatic cliffs, amazing mountain views, great highlands and mountain plateaus, before finishing with deserts.

Fire: There are many temporary fires ravaging the surface of the Earth every year, but there is only one source of permanent natural fire on the planet: active volcanoes. This entry will introduce some of them and look into the core of one.

Water: It has been said that 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Because of this, we will be exploring several aspects; dramatic waterfalls, mighty rivers, picturesque lakes, fascinating beaches, important straits, snow and ice.

Air: How does air manifest itself enough to serve as a basis for taking pictures? One needs to add some imagination on this element, and also other elements. I will be exploring clouds and other aspects of air with the added ingredient of water.

About the elements

The Greek elements are not only Greek. They are part of a worldwide tradition of exploring nature and grouping the various aspects of nature in a comprehensible manner to both theorists and practitioners. Both Greek and Asian religions/philosophies/ways of life, have had a tendency to add a fifth element. That of space/void/sky/heaven/aether. This is in short a much more spiritual element.

This last part is certainly more spiritually significant, and less photography-friendly, than the others. Nonetheless, spiritualism is closely related to the other basic elements, as described on this (external) page.

The articles will offer some basic explanations about the natural phenomena, but will mostly be illustrative, hopefully inspiring to a reader.

Further reading

All articles in this series:

(1) Introduction (THIS)

(2-7) Element: Earth

(2) Great Caves

(3) Strange Rock Formations

(4) Dramatic Cliffs

(5) Amazing Mountain Views

(6) Great Highlands

(7) Dry Deserts

(8) Element: Fire

(8) Active Volcanoes

(9-14) Element: Water

(9) Dramatic waterfalls

(10) Fascinating Beaches

(11) Mighty rivers

(12) Picturesque Lakes

(13) Important Straits

(14) Snow and ice

(15) Element: Air

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