Nature: Snow and ice

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Snow and ice. This is an article in a series about nature. Water comes in three forms, gas and liquid water are two. This is a look at “stiff” water.


This post is part of a series portraying the classic Elements of Nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Snow and ice are examples of the third element, Water.


Thumper: Hiya, Bambi! Watch what I can do! Come on, it’s all right. Look. The water’s stiff. (Disney)


Norway - Jostedalsbreen

Jostedalsbreen, the largest Norwegian glacier seen from the air. The image above is from the same glacier with the rotating propeller of the aircraft up left.


Water comes usually in a liquid shape, in terms of running water from the tap, or in natural shape in creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. However water may freeze, when the temperature sinks below the freezing point.

From the sky, it may rain as snow if it is cold enough. On the earth’s surface water may freeze and become ice. Solid water that does not melt into running water may turn into glaciers. Glaciers on the polar regions calve (break) and produce icebergs floating with the ocean currents until they eventually melt.


In the mountains, like here in Jotunheimen, Norway, snow melts late in the year. This picture was taken in August.


On this lake in Stavanger, Norway, thick ice has put a lid on the liquid water, and snow has fallen on top of the ice.


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