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In 2016 I visited four foreign countries, spending 20 days, and was able to add four new World Heritage Sites to my own list. That was the statistics for 2016.

Explanation of the featured image on this post: Clockwise from top left: Bocuse d’Or trophy in a Norwegian restaurant. Stockholm’s Gamla Stan. Hotel in Quebec, Canada. Foaming geysir in Iceland. Village in the Faroes.


A look back

This year I visited Canada, Iceland, the Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Sweden. My deepest regret is that I have only been able to publish articles about the World Heritage Sites in Canada and Iceland. In fact I only wrote 28 new articles in 2016. Many were special articles about travelling but at least I managed to turn out the regular travelogues from my journey to Himalaya back in 2015.

In addition I added a lot more articles on my Norwegian language sub-domain, 132 in total.

By year-end this website, Sandalsand Global, had received about 29,000 clicks. The Norwegian site received the double, around 58,000. My Twitter account increased from 4,200 followers to 4,700 during 2016, and the Instagram account increased from 500 followers to 570. Sandalsand’s videos have been watched 454,000 times over the years, up from 317,000 a year ago.


A look forward

What about 2017? Like last year at this time, I have no fixed travel plans. My bucket list is long, my dreams are many, and some of them will be accomplished. Check my list further down this page.

I promised last year to be complete by the end of the year with stories from all recent trips. I have a way to go. In addition I planned on finishing articles from my old travels. I didn’t. Actually, I even expressed a hope to add a regular series of quiz competitions. I did not. So there is much to do next year, website-wise.

Happy New Year!


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